About Us

DANDEHTARASH INDASTRIAL GROUP was founded in Esfahan. In 1971 and now located in industrial city of mahmoodabad at kilometer 5 of Esfahan-Tehran road. It has a total area of 7000m2 , working area of 3000m2 and a personal of 35.
This unit under the name of Dandehtarash Industrial group has been manufacturing different gears ,couplings and industrial light and heavy gearboxes since 1971 in 2008, we won the quality management certification of ISO 9001:2000; and in 2009 relying on its personal and management we received ISO9001:2008 our excellent goal is the client satisfaction, so in this direction our efforts are to know the new technologies and products and then running them in our products to progress in domestic and foreign market and to meet the client’s needs.
Following the quality management principles, improving the efficiency at any time, maintaining the high quality , training the staff , working with suppliers whose products quality is ensured, low finished cost ,low energy and raw materials wasted, and using the newest technology are resulted in Dandehtarash being one of the largest producers of gears, couplings and gearboxes in domestic market.
Our engineering section includes metallurgy, mechanical, produce and manufacture and industry to run the novel production methods in the factory.
This industrial unit is also equipped with calibration lab to increase and ensure the accuracy in the products size, as well as the non-destructive lab MT, PT, VT, UT to test the raw materials and welded cross sections.
Dandehtarash Industrial Group is able to produce a wide variety of industrial gearboxes up to the power of 10 MW and the output of 20000 RPM.
This industrial unit is also to serve the clients with:    
-    Turning Shaft until 3000mm diameter & 9000mm length
-    Manufacturing variety of spur, helical , double & worm gear until 5000mm diameter & module30
-    Manufacturing all of spur bevel gear until 450mm diameter
-    Manufacturing variety of couplings
-    Possibility of grinding gears until 2000mm diameter &  module30
-    Manufacturing industrial gearboxes base on the customer ordering